Alex McCord vs. Simon van Kempen: Who Wore Pastels Better?

alex mccord simon
Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty
I'm an avid watcher of The Real Housewives series. I watch them all but New York (my home town) is by far my fave. I watch it with my boyfriend who thankfully doesn't make me feel guilty about watching trashy TV.

Last season I hated Kelly, Alex, and her creepy hubby Simon. Kelly still annoys the hell out of me but Alex and Simon are totally growing on me this season ... anyone else?

They seem so much more normal ... except for their matchy-matchy outfits. I spotted them both in pastels recently.


Now, I'm not one to throw stones especially with a boyfriend like mine. He wears pink shirts, suspenders, a top hat, and smokes a pipe ... sometimes all at once. I think he's cute and love that he's confident enough to wear what he wants.

So I don't totally mind Simon's crazy style, although it is disgusto most of the time. I hate that they match all the time though.

I get it, they are a "brand" and want to "package" themselves but come on!

Alex wins hands down for her summery pastels. Simon, stick with your own style and stop copying your wife's.

PS: Team Bethenny all the way ... what is Jill's problem. B is trying to apologize?

Who wore it better and would you matchy-matchy with your SO?

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