Color Safe Shampoo: Protect Your Highlights

Ted Gibson Individual Color Shampoo; Folica
I got highlights! I know only 36% of you agree with my decision but I totally needed a summer pick-me-up. 

After two years of being a virginal brunette, I am now a dirty blonde. It brightened my complexion and everyone keeps saying I look tan and beachy. Lovely!

The down side ... I was in the salon for three hours and walked out with my bank account $200 lighter. The picture will come later this week as I know you're all dying to see. 

So, to save time and money I'm taking steps to protect my newly blonde tresses with this shampoo...


Ted Gibson Individual Color Shampoo ($26.95). It comes in three shades: Glimmering Gold, Brazen Brown, and Captivating Copper. 

The Glimmering Gold brings out the golden tones in your tresses and protects against environmental elements like wind, sun, and smog with silk protein and jojoba oil. 

Using a color safe shampoo will keep my highlights bright and prevent then from getting brassy while hydrating and creating shine. Hopefully less visits for touch-ups, too.

Stay tuned later this week for bronzing powders, liquids, and lotions as I complete my beach bunny look. 

Are you going lighter for the season?

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