Jared Leto's Weekend in Hair

Photo from Splash News
What did you do this weekend? Maybe you splurged on a mani? Even a pedi?

You probably didn't color and cut your hair THREE times. But My So-Called Life hottie, Jordan Catalano Jared Leto did just that.


Splash News followed Twitter and got some shots of the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman in his transformation. Apparently he first went blonde, but it was "too blonde," so he went all pink mohawk on us.

Personally, I prefer the mohawk in black, but I'm neither a rock star('ish) or a former teenage angst television heartthrob. Dangit.

You'd be shocked (or at least I was) by the number of articles on the web about Jared Leto's hair. But this time Leto calls his new do a "new beginning."


What do you think? Does the pink mohawk work for JL?

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