Whitney Port's Gorgeous Dress, Dark vs. Light Hair: Best Beauty & Style Comments of the Week

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One of the best things about beauty and fashion is that everyone has their own style. I love reading your comments about what you liked and didn't like in the things that we post. It gives us a better understanding of you guys on a personal level, so keep 'em coming!

Today, we'll spotlight some of the best comments this week from The Stir's Beauty & Style channel as well as some celebrity Twitter input:


From The Perfect Sunless Tanner: momoflilangel says, "I am very pale too. I have only tried the Jergens kind and wasn't impressed. I have wanted to try a tanning salon spray tan but am somewhat afraid so I haven't yet. Anyhow, I don't do tanning beds and I burn in the sun so those options are out the window. So I might have to give this Aveeno kind a try.

You should! It worked so well on me!

From Nude is Hot, Mood Nail Polish: Links I Love: StephanieSD says, "Ooooh, I can't wait to get back to the States this summer and get some of the Mood nail polish, and also the eggplant color that's mentioned in the Allure article. I love short, dark nails.

The eggplant color is also really hot right now. Usually I'm the same way, love the dark, short nails. But I think I may try nude, just for this spring.

From Dark or Light Hair: Which Way Does Alyssa Milano Look the Best?: MomIWant says, "I like Alyssa both ways. Brianne you look good both ways too, although your blue eyes "pop" more as a brunette (at least in the pics)!"

I like Alyssa both ways, but I have to agree with MomIWant for Brianne's hair. Dark brown makes blue eyes stand out.

Whitney Port recently had a fancy night out, tweeting "I feel like a princess! Better quality pics on my blog tomorrow! http://tweetphoto.com/17688780." Click on the link ... that dress is gorgeous!

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