The Perfect Sunless Tanner

sunless tanner; $17.99
Dear public,

I am forewarning you. Do not stare directly at my bare legs. You will go blind. Avert your eyes, or if you must (boys), protect yourself with shades.




My legs are in such dire need of color, but I don't go to tanning beds, and I schlep on the sunscreen when I am outside. So I go the sunless tanner route, because loading your skin up with chemicals has to be better than UV rays, right?

I've tried pretty much every sunless tanner in my drugstore that was reasonably priced: Neutrogena, Jergens, etc. Well, at least the lotion ones. I don't do the sprays, I'm not coordinated enough. But none of them completely fulfilled my checklist of:

  • Not streaky
  • Doesn't smell
  • Doesn't make me orange.

That's all I ask. Just three little things. But none of them made it until (*cue music*) Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion came into my life.

It smells nice (gasp!), it goes on smooth, and the color is very natural looking (though some of my friends have complained of it being a bit orange-y ... maybe it depends on skin tones?). What I really loved about it is that you can customize the color. With a little click, click, click, you can go from a regular lotion, to a medium, to a dark tone. So I don't have to show up at the office one day pale white and the next looking like I just took a 12-hour vacation to the Bahamas. This is definitely going to be a warm weather staple for me.

Do you use sunless tanners? Which ones do you like?

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