Nude is Hot, Mood Nail Polish: Links I Love

nail polisyh
Flickr photo by MyNameIsLea
My nails are now little stumps on my fingers (thanks March Madness), so I'm needing to some major nail damage control. Here are some helpful links to get your mani on:

  •  I had no idea things that these ten items found in my kitchen can help my nails, too. Plus, now I have an excuse to buy marshmallows. -- Yahoo! Shine
  •  Nude is hot (duh), but I'm talking about on your nails. -- Betty Confidential. 
  •  Remember those old-school mood rings? Now there's mood nail polish. Sweet! -- Bella Sugar
  •  I love dark nail polish, but it's so obvious if you mess up and when it begins to chip. Check out tips for a creating and keeping a dark manicure. -- Allure
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