Turn a Shirt into a Skirt -- No Sewing ... Really!

diy shirt as skirt
Photo by Monoxious
There is something really sexy about wearing a man's shirt. Whether it's in the morning with nothing underneath or out with a belt around my waist ... it always makes me feel uber sexed up.

Well, since the man's shirt/belt combo is kinda played out, I starting searching for other hip ways to wear it.

You can turn your man's button down into a skirt ... without ever picking up a needle and thread. Here's how!

  • Start with your man's button down or an over-sized one you own. Unbutton and put around your waist. Button the first button you can around your waist (usually the 3rd or 4th button).
  • From there, skip a button and alternate, for example button the 6th button in the 5th hole to create an asymmetrical draping effect. Continue until you hit the last button. 
  • Take the arms and tie to the side in a knot. Let hang or tie in cute bow. 

So simple. I'm dying to try it. I' plan on pairing it with a fitted white tee or tank and heels. I recommend you do the same.

Check out step-by-step instructions.

Would you wear this look?

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