Jessica Simpson Swears She Had No Makeup On


Jessica Simpson Marie Claire
Photo by Marie Claire
Poor Jessica Simpson. A lot is being made of her supposed makeup-free cover of Marie Claire's May issue -- no retouching either. In fact, there is always a rumbling of some sort when it comes to Jessica's looks.

Come on people, do we really need to badger this woman constantly? Wasn't John Mayer's ramblings in Playboy enough?

And perhaps I am being slightly hypocritical by bringing this very subject up right here. 

But I want to defend her. Like a virtual BFF. (If only I could really go out on girl dates with the star to find out how John Mayer was in bed!)

Hollywood Crush says they saw some makeup residue around her eyes and played it off saying maybe she needs a better makeup remover. But she did tell them that her look was all natural.

Most of the readers of Huffington Post thought Jessica had some makeup on.

I say no way. I mean, why would she lie? About something so silly? She's made no excuses about not knowing Chicken of the Sea was tuna and that is a lot more embarrassing.

Her cheeks look too rosy? She probably pinched them right before the photographer snapped. A lick of the lips could make them look glossy. Traces of eyeliner? Have you ever seen the guyliner on Richard Alpert from Lost? It's natural. Some people are just that lucky.

I've seen photos of myself without a stitch of makeup and they are scary. There are tons from the hospital when my twins were born and I've creatively cropped the ugly right out of them. Or ran it through Picnik so it was presentable. If there was a professional photographer in the room, a lot of the ugly would be professionally wiped away just from focus and lighting.

I believe Jessica, and Marie Claire with their claims of no retouching. And I think Jessica looks gorgeous.

Do you think Jessica is wearing makeup?

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themb... thembi632

not no way ...thats not a face with out make up

Being... BeingTonya

I could believe she's makeup free. I get accused of wearing makeup all the time... to the point that people have actually "attacked" me with tissue to try to remove it. I don't wear makeup. Some of us really CAN get by with a pinch of the cheeks and lick of the lips... and a professional photographer sure helps!

Julie... Julieryanevans

I've been studying my copy and I'd swear she has makeup on ... or at the very least had her eyelashes dyed before the shoot and maybe wearing a silicon primer that she might not classify as "makeup" per se.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Good point Julie! Eyelash dying is a big thing in Hollywood.

knfisch knfisch

I don't think she has makeup on, professional photographers are trained to turn ordinary into extra ordinary just with lighting and camera angles.

angel010 angel010

maybe she has eyeliner tattooed on her eyes. my mother in law had it done and she looks like she has make up on but she doesn't. this was a big thing a couple years back.

nonmember avatar tahoegeminii

well yes I can pinch my cheeks and lick my lips and get the look too-but if you do a "make-up" free cover as publicity and wear make-up in it -you are an idiot and probably think canned tuna is chicken cause the name on the label has chicken in it-clearly she has eyeliner on-or it is tattoo permanent make-up-whichever it is eyeliner and no make-up or not that pinched off nose has had a job done on it-if jessica is so secure in how she looks why is her whole career and everything she does based on approval about her looks-she is the one that has cashed in on her looks and made that her center of attention and her life-not us-she is the perpetual person in all of our lives that is continually asking how they look in something and then having huge drama if they don't get the answer they want-

nonmember avatar madeline

I love you Jess!

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