Who Has 6,000 Pairs of Louboutins?

My SO constantly gets on my case about putting things away but my closet is busting at the seams -- it gives me anxiety to try and find space to put stuff away. My shoes hog up a lot of space.

I currently own about 10 pairs of heels (sneaks and flats excluded) and rarely wear them since I work from home. However, I NEED them in case I'm going somewhere cool or feel like being sexy. But then I read about a woman who owns more thatn 6,000 pairs of Louboutins. Um ... where does she find the space and how the heck can anyone afford that many pairs of these oh-so expensive heels?

The footwear fetish belongs to ...

Photo by Christian Louboutin


Danielle Steel!

I told my man about it: "See all women have crazy amounts of shoes! Ha!" I shouted.

"That's insane," he quipped.

Maybe, but we can't blame this celeb.

This romance novelist has a closet packed full of the red-soled beauties and buys out Christian Louboutin's store whenever she goes to Paris. Seriously, she buys out the store!

How many shoes do you own?

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