Shoe Porn: Black Gladiator Sandals

black gladiator sandals
Damian Leather Gladiator Sandals; Lord & Taylor

Hello toes. It's been awhile. Time to slip you into some black gladiator sandals and strut.

Sashay all over the playground. Swing on the swings with your kids. Trot after your toddler.

Sensible. Stylish. Sexy. And I have two selections for your shoe porn fantasy.


black gladiator sandals
Elle Marcy Gladiator Sandals; Kohl's

Ladies who love a little more hardware (and who have more to spend) can go for the 1/2 inch wedge of Sam Edelman's Damian Leather Gladiator Sandals ($129) from Lord & Taylor.

Bargain hunters will love the 1 1/4 inch wedge in the Elle Marcy Gladiator Sandals ($34.99 on sale) from Kohl's.

Which one would you buy?

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