Must-Have Lingerie, Tricks For Your Breasts: Links I Love

Flickr photo by helgasms!
Today's links are for the ladies:

  • Lingerie expert Susan Nethero shared her list of five must-haves for every woman’s lingerie drawer. -- She Knows
  • Women march topless for right to bare their breasts in Portland, Maine. The point was to be able to walk the streets without attracting any more attention than a man. Not sure why they were so shocked to find a ton of onlookers. Irony. -- Press Herald
  • Find out why your boobs sometimes seem to have a mind of their own and how to deal with your stubborn girls. -- Cosmopolitan
  • A British woman almost kills her lover with her 40LL breasts. -- Med India
  • There are a few tricks that you can do to make your breasts look amazing, whether you're trying to enhance or play down the ladies. -- Glamour
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