Dark or Light Hair: Which Way Does Alyssa Milano Look the Best?

Now that's it's getting warmer out, I'm starting to think about lightening my hair. Apparently so has Alyssa Milano. Here she is as we've always known and loved her -- with darker locks.

Photo by Brian Bedder/Getty


And here she is as a blonde! A far cry from her Who's the Boss? days. Personally, I like the darker better. It might just be that terrible blue shadow that's throwing me off though. What do you think? Brunette or blonde?

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty

All this chat has me thinking about going blonde for summer. I have always had some form of highlights since high school. Two years ago I got fed up and wanted natural, non-processed hair. So, I went back to the color I was born with: dark brown. Below is moi with blonde and brunette hair, which I have now. Should I go for highlights and lighten by shade for summer like Alyssa?

Photo by Brianne DiSylvester
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