How to Wear It: The Summer Wedge

Old Navy; $29.50
I'm a shoe addict just like Michele. If you know me, you know this. If you're married to me, you really know this. One thing in a long list of things I love about summer is that you get to paint your toes and strap on your cutest shoes. Sorry, I know boots can be adorable, but I'm just partial to summer footwear. Including the wedge trend.

But, what on earth do you wear them with? Well, let me tell you.


1. Dressed Casually. Most people think if your shoes have height, they're automatically fancier than flats, but that's just not true. You can pair some funky wedges with cropped jeans or even shorts. This Banana Republic look is a great example of pairing wedges with something casual, but you can save some money (always good!) by picking up some cropped jeans or Bermuda shorts at Old Navy or

Banana Republic; $98

2. Dressed for Work. Generally, work wear is different than any other wear. You can't usually get away with that strapless summer dress or short denim mini-skirt, so what do you pair the more casual wedge when going to work? How about this dress from Modcloth with these wedges from Nine West?

3. Dressed for a Night Out. No rules when you're going to a fun dinner or even out for a girl's night. So, get creative! Wear this sexy dress from with these Seychelle's wedges.

You can't really go wrong with wedges, as you can see, but what may surprise you is how many looks you can create. So, even if you usually scoff at heels, give wedges a try this summer. Most of them have all the comfort of flats with the perk of an extra few inches.

Do you like the wedge trend?

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