I Love This Unique Crocheted Necklace

Etsy; $25
The older I get, the more interested I become in figuring out my own style. It's easy to get in a style rut, but it's also easy to get out of one (if you want to).

I think unique, original clothing and jewelry pieces help put your stamp on your look. 


When I saw this crocheted necklace on Etsy, I fell instantly in love and knew it wouldn't be something every other mom on the playground was wearing.

This Etsy seller has a ton of similar styles that are just as cool, like this triangle crocheted necklace, crocheted brooch, and crocheted butterfly bracelet.

Regardless, it's nice to stumble upon a great stylish find every now and then. Reminds me that even as a mom, I'm still in charge of my own personal look.

Etsy; $13.50

Do you like the crocheted jewelry look?

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