Perfect Summer Brows: Smashbox Brow Tech to Go

Everything is a lot more manicured in the warm lawn, my legs, my brows. You get the picture. Find out what product is keeping my brows in shape.

Smashbox Brow Tech to Go ($26) by Sephora


I'm sad to say, some things are better hairier. I'm totally one of those girls who believes if your legs aren't showing, you don't need to shave them. I usually go a full week in between -- I'm Italian, things grow fast.

Okay, so leg hair isn't one of those times when hairier is better. But when it comes to brow, you better believe I think the thicker the better. After years of having them over-waxed, I finally have them at a decent size: Big and beautiful. Think Brooke Shields in the '80s. It's totally transformed my face shape. However, I have to keep them tame.

I use Smashbox's Brow Tech to Go. It has a waterproof pencil on one end and brow gel on the other. The pencil lets me feather in bare spots and the gel keeps me from looking like I just woke up. Pick from Taupe or Brunette for Brooke Shields-ish powerful brow.

PS: It's paraben-free too!

How do you shape your brows?

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