Shoe Porn: Spring Flower Colored Pumps

spring shoes
Eggenberg; Aldo
Spring flowers -- popping up all over. Natural. Beautiful.

Unnatural, but beautiful in their own right are these pumps. Peep-toe perfection. In pretty spring flower colors.


With a daringly straight 2 1/2 inch heel and a scalloped contour up toward the ankle, these heels should only be purchased in the colors shown here -- orange and mustard. Though the grey are tempting. I'm trying to put some pop colors in your wardrobe!

The Eggenberg ($90) from Aldo are like the Gisele Bundchen of the shoe world. Tall, gorgeous, and look best with a good looking man on your arm. Now that man can be Tom Brady or their son, Benjamin.

Hard choice. Why not both?

Create a Gisele-like scenario for yourself in these shoes ....

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