Adult Acne, Painted Toes: Best Beauty & Style Comments of the Week

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One of the best things about beauty and fashion is that everyone has their own style. I love reading your comments about what you liked and didn't like in the things that we post. It gives us a better understanding of you guys on a personal level, so keep 'em coming!

Today, we'll spotlight some of the best comments this week from The Stir's Beauty & Style channel as well as some celebrity Twitter input:



From Daily Desire: Knotted Back Tunic: Pishyah says, "No, I'm not a fan. Sorry. The back is pretty but I think the model's back makes the shirt, not the other way around. The rest of it just looks cheap, though. It isn't my opinion that matters, though. I say buy it if you love it."

That's exactly what my friend said! Hehe! I definitely don't have a back like the model's (i.e. skeletal).

From Acne Be Gone!: MomIWant says, "Adult acne sucks! I've tried everything including prescription and the doctor insists it is hormonal. Who knew you could wish for the change of life! Hahaha I'll be giving this a try! Thanks!"

Glad we could help! Good luck!

From Getting a Facial: How Often and When?: Starfishsea says, "I was an esthetician before I became a SAHM, and now I can't afford facials. But I make sure to practice good skincare at home, but the hardest part is all the clogged pores from makeup. Yay. Not breakouts, but just clogged pores. I've found Neutrogena Healthy Skin makeup has made a difference though!

Tip straight from a professional! Thank you!

If we see painted toes this spring, we'll know who to blame. Tyra Banks recently tweeted, "What color should I get on my toes? Toenails that is ... Maybe we can bring painted toes into style. Would you paint your toes for fashion?" I'm in, Tyra!


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