Crystal Bowersox Rocks American Idol Style

  • Always Shocking, Siobhan


    Photo from Splash News

    You never know what kind of hair you're going to get with Siobhan Magnus. Here we have a tamer version, but she makes up for it with gussied up gladiator sandals and printed tights.

  • Lacey Brown Puts the "Fun" in "Funky"


    Photo from Splash News

    Back again this year, Lacey Brown moves even further up the Idol ladder. I appreciate her bright, spiky locks and devil-may-care mode of dress. Taylor Swift, she ain't.

  • Andew Garcia asks, "What, Me Worry?"


    Photo from Splash News

    Chunky glasses, a neck tattoo and a cavalier stance place Andrew Garcia on the alt list. He also redeemed himself to the judges this week and is coming back for another round. Might I suggest a jaunty bow tie to add to the "flair?"

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