Daily Desire: Hot Rollers

hot rollers
SallyBeauty.com; $49.99
This isn't as much of a daily desire as it is a daily need. I need a new hot roller set.

Yes, I use hot rollers. And I am aware that these are the equivalent of medieval devices in the beauty world. But they work wonders for my thick hair.


The set that I've had for years is starting to lose it's heat element. And when I say years, I mean years. I found it pushed back underneath the bathroom sink when I was like 17. So, it's been in use for nearly a decade, and who knows how long it sat under there before I rescued it. 

It's done me proud.

My replacement has to have a ton of rollers, preferably in varying sizes. The Jilbere Ceramic 20 Roller Setter for $50 received really good reviews, so I may have to place an order. The size wouldn't be the easiest to travel with, but I have too much hair for those tiny travel packs.

Do you use hot rollers? Do you have a hot roller set that you swear by?

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