Baby Oil Makes Great Eye Makeup Remover

baby oil
Baby Oil:
How I'm just now learning this, I don't know, but the ladies in CafeMom's Beauty Tips and Tricks group gave me an amazing tip last week: Use baby oil for eye makeup remover. 



I'm overly excited about this new tidbit of information because, up until now, I would furiously scrub to get my heavy eyeliner and mascara off, which stretches the skin and causes wrinkles. And that's no good.

Just a dab of oil onto a cotton ball and with one sweep, all makeup is gone. No more eye-shaped black marks on my white towels, no more raccoon eyes ... it's fantastic.

Plus, baby oil is so much cheaper than regular makeup remover ... and I know a lot of you mamas already have it in your house.

After a week of using it, the only con I've encountered is that it is a little greasy, so I just follow-up with my normal facewash routine.

Have you ever heard of using baby oil to remove eye makeup? What do you use?

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