Eyebrow Transplants, Get Flawless Brows: Links I Love

eyebrow groomingWhether you tweeze, thread, or wax, check out these eyebrow grooming beauty links:

  • Thanks to full-browed celebs like Jennifer Connelly and Kiera Knightley, the thick brow is hot once again, causing eyebrow transplant operations to double in popularity. -- NY Daily News
  • Want to have flawless brows? Follow these six steps for eyebrow perfection. -- Betty Confidential
  • The good, the bad, and the just plain crazy: What to do and what not to do in eyebrow grooming. -- Daily Makeover
  • An eyebrow makeover can make a huge difference. Shocking, huh? -- Cosmopolitan

What is your eyebrow grooming technique?

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