Acne Be Gone!

acne wash
Calm and Clearing Facial Wash;
Therapy Systems
I have problem skin. I know, I talk about it way too much. Yep, adult acne -- one of those cringe-worthy ailments like hemorrhoids or cold sores. It's embarrassing. It makes me feel ugly. And no one wants that especially my husband because when I feel ugly, I'm cranky.

For the last few months, in an effort to save some money, I've been using drugstore brand face wash and zit goo. I just had twins, my hormones are fierce, and I've got pimples everywhere. New kinds of pimples, too -- those under-the-skin ones, tiny cluster ones -- all horrible.


I've learned that my skin is a snob. An elitist. It only likes the "better" brands that cost a bit more money. I hate you skin!

And, like magic, a fairy godmother came along to help me out. Therapy Systems sent me some of their products to try out and I kid you not -- they worked ... fast. And thankfully they are not that expensive. Well, not all of their products anyway.

The Calm and Clearing Facial Wash ($12.50 for 2oz, $28 for 8oz) is gentle and oil-free, and contains sea extracts. It hasn't dried out my skin like a lot of acne cleansers do and I've used it for over two weeks now. 

The French Green Clay Spot Treatment ($19) smells a little rain foresty, but wow it works to clear up a zit fast. It's made with Aspen Tree Bark, a natural salicylic anti-inflammatory. All you need is a little dab of this stuff, so the 1oz bottle will last a while.

One of the more pricey treatments Therapy has is the Topical Treatment Serum ($68 for 2oz). It has worked so well on the acne that flared up along my chin line. Gone! Just like that! Made with Mandelic acid, an almond extract and alpha hydroxy acid, it is supposed to not only keep skin clear but reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Thank you Therapy Systems. I'll be saving my pennies for when you run out!

Is your skin an elitist like mine?

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