Jeggings for My New Body

denim leggings
Denim Leggings; Urban Outfitters
I have a new body. It's curvier, a little more in the booty, a lot more in the booby, all thanks to motherhood.

I'm not complaining -- I love it. Though I don't love that a lot of my clothes no longer fit.


Those jeans I used to slink into look so tiny -- they currently only slide up to mid-thigh. I'm also embarrassed to admit there were times I thought I was fat. Goes to show that a lot of us have some sort of body dysmorphic disorder going on. I'm not fat now, just 15 pounds heavier than I once was, and I'm still in a healthy weight range for my height.

Oh, the silly things I worried about before I had twins.

I'm not ready to part with those clothes yet -- I'm just four months postpartum, so someday I may slip back into them, but I'm not dieting or spending hours on a treadmill. Though the stationary bike in my living room sure does tempt me ... but not enough to stop cooing at my twins to go for a spin.

So for now, I have to buy a some jeans in sizes that fit. And this is why I love denim leggings, jeggings, stretchy jeans that pull up -- whatever you want to call them. Tons of people make fun of them, but I wore a pair during my whole pregnancy and they still fit -- the stretch allows them to grow or shrink with you -- and I gained almost 60 pounds when my belly was a home! Plus, I wear flowy tunics and long tops, so I love the slim fit jeans with this look.

I really need another pair; it's a worthy investment. And Urban Outfitters has a denim legging sale going on right now with all their stock selling for $39. I'm hoping to head over there today to try some on. I just have to convince my husband. We had to pay the tax man, so our bank account took a big hit.

Do you wear jeggings?

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