Pretty DIY Jewelry Organizing Idea

My accessories neatly displayed
I'm not the only one whose necklaces have an uncanny ability to tangle themselves to the point of no return, right?

I've had to throw away jewelry because the knots they managed to create in themselves were beyond repair (RIP cute purple chunky necklace).

Something had to be done.


I don't have room on my dresser for a cute jewelry stand. So I banged a couple of nails into the wall, hung them up, and called it a day.

And it's actually pretty.

My pretty cubic zirconia diamond necklace sparkles next to the beaded choker my aunt brought back from Africa. My family heirloom pearls hang next to a chained jewel I fished out of the dollar bin. I also hung a few of my hats to mix it up for visual appeal.

Now, everyone's safe and hopefully the causes of jewelry death will be more honorable, such as falling to a my-boyfriend-bought-me-a-real-diamond-necklace fate.

How do you store your jewelry?

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