How to Wear It: The Jumper

Photo from Etsy
Springtime makes me want to go strapless and pretend I'm in grade school again. That's why the jumper is so popular this time of year. Whoo! Naked and at the playground!!

But there are a few things you need to remember before baring your shoulders and putting on a onesie.



1) A good bra is crucial when you're going strapless. Unless you're one of those perky small-breasted ladies (and if so, phhhpt) you want to find a bra that lifts and separates so you can avoid the uniboob.

2) Accessorize. Whether it's a fat belt or a summer scarf, the jumper consists of very little material. You need to dress it up to make the outfit complete.

3) Exfoliate and hydrate those shoulders and your chest. Instead of smacking on the moisturizer per usual, spend some extra time on the area that will be bare.

4) Shave the extra mile. When the short-shorts come out, the razor should head north. You don't want to look down at your thighs and realize you underestimated your grooming area.

5) Choose wisely. Here are three cute looks that will take you through the end of summer.

Charlotte Baby Blue Jumper ($50) -- Etsy seller, patriciavalery (pictured)

Kimchi Blue Lace Jumper ($34) -- Urban Outfitters

Smocked Denim Jumpsuit ($49.50) -- Express

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