Daily Desire: Retro Tube Socks

tube socks
ViciousStyle.com; $6.99
I was at the gym last night and I noticed this girl working out in striped tube socks ... she looked absolutely adorable (and no I hadn't jumped into a hot tub time machine to circa 1987).


Now, I'm not one to worry about how I look at the gym, but if you can wear cute socks, why not? Plus, it might make it a little easier to power through those last ten minutes on the elliptical if you can glance over at the mirror and see how stylish you look doing it.

I'm also a big fan of wearing plain clothes and dressing them up with accessories, so with bare leg weather coming (hopefully soon), cute tube socks can give a simple tank top and shorts a fun, retro spin.

And in case this cold weather doesn't let up, I can always pair them with knee high boots, letting the pretty stripes peeking over the top.

Do you ever wear colorful socks? Are you a fan of the retro style?

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