Best Wedding Gown For Your Body, Dress Shopping Tips: Links I Love

wedding dress
Photo by maggarralla
I received my first wedding invitation of the year yesterday (congrats to Jessica and James!), so, it's official: Wedding season is upon us. If you're a bride-to-be and in search of "the one" (no, not the man, you already have him, honey, I'm talking about the dress), check out these links I love:

Forget what styles other people say look good. You'll want to find a dress that looks good on you. Find a gown that works with your body type. -- Glamour

You only wear your wedding gown once (hopefully), so how much are we expected to pay for it? -- The Frisky

Before you start trying on a dozen different dresses, you might want to read these 15 tips about gown shopping. -- The Knot

One of the major bridal trends from last year is seen again this year ... black accents! -- One Wed

What does/did your wedding gown look like?

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