Crystal Band Aids, Shocking Prom Dress Trend: Links I Love

Slashed Army T-Shirt from
I love fashion, but sometimes even I have to agree that it can be a little whacky. Here are some weird fashion news links I love:

Got a boo boo? Cover it with a Bling Band Aid, bandages encrusted with four Swarovski crystals. Because apparently we're that fashion-conscious that we have to sparkle up our injuries. -- The Stylist

A Balmain shirt, which looks like it's been spit out by a lawn mower, is $1,625. Are you kidding me?! -- The Frisky is a new hair accessory that is currently hot amongst celebrities. It's basically a giant heart, flower, or bow stuck on the side of their head. Eh. -- Betty Confidential

No more big puffy Cinderella-type prom dresses. The trend for your young daughters' big night is now "slutty chic." -- Yahoo! Shine


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