Happy Birthday Doc Martens!

Photo from Shoebuy.com
Break out the clove cigarettes and box wine, Doc Martens are turning 50! (Or perhaps those were only my accessories to my Mary Jane Docs in the '90s.)


Like most fetishized things of our youth, I had no idea people actually wore Doc Martens before the late 1980s. I assumed my friends and I had discovered them and the thought that people were actually sporting the stompers in April of 1960 kind of blows my mind.

I remember my first pair of Docs like it was yesterday. As a broke undergrad hanging about Deep Ellum in Dallas, I charged a pair on my student MasterCard. I might still be paying them off.

For the anniversary celebration, there are some new styles hitting the runway created by interesting and innovative designers. It appears a Dr. Marten renaissance is under foot.

Still, I prefer the classics and my Mary Jane's and my cherry red eight-holes are hanging out in my closet until a) I feel hip enough to sport them without feeling like I'm trying too hard or b) my daughter discovers them in her teen years and thanks her old mom for hanging on to them so she too, can be counter culture.

A post-punk gal can dream.

Happy birthday Docs!

Dr. Marten's Mary Jane ($99.95) -- Zappos

Dr. Marten's Eight-Holes ($114.95) -- Shoebuy


Do you have any Docs, or other iconic shoes, in your closet?

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