Greek Goddess Headbands

Metal Leaf Headband ($18) from Urban Outfitters
The words Greek goddess make me think of Angelina Jolie in Alexander. Toned, tanned bod, draping white toga tunics, and tons of gold jewelry.

Although I still have a ways to go on the toned, tanned bod, I'm starting my Greek goddess transformation with Urban Outfitter's Metal Leaf Headband ($18).


This thin headband comes in two silver and brass, and of course I want the brass one.

I'm planning on wearing it with a a plain black shift dress so the headband stands out. It would also look super sweet with a cardigan and boots. 

They also have a thin silver headband with tiny leaves all around it. Oh and it must be headband day since Brittny and I both are loving this gold look!

What do you think of this Greek goddess trend?

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