All-In-One Makeup Magic

Shiseido Makeup Accenting Color Stick; Sephora

I never leave the house without makeup but I am a minimalist when it comes to the amount of products I use. I tend to buy the same brands over and over again and only have the four necessities in my makeup bag: tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, and cream blush. As you can tell, I travel light. That's why I did Shiseido's new Makeup Accenting Color Stick. Wanna know why?


Because you can use this cream color stick for your cheeks, lips, eyes, and even decollatage. It's a one stop shop and great for cutting down your morning makeup routine.

It comes in five fab shades: Bronze, Glistening, Rouge, Rosy, and Champagne. I'm leaning towards the Rosy but also want to try the Bronze now that summer is coming and the Glistening for a dewy, fresh faced look. 

Best of all it fits in the diaper bag! Just try to keep it away from your toddler.

Would you add this to your makeup bag?

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