Shoe Porn: Teal Wedges

teal wedges
Frye Corina Campus; Piperlime
The old me -- the me without twins -- would have bought these teal wedges without a second thought. The old me would wear them with dresses and the old me would have shaved legs all the time, too, so wearing them with dresses wouldn't be like seeing a bear in heels.


The new me -- the me very excited to go for long walks with the twins in Brooklyn's Prospect Park -- knows that these shoes are not made for walking. But still, every part of me (old and new) knows these shoes are hot.

Four inch heels with a one inch platform, these shoes scream Spring and I can fantasize about me wearing them with a floral spaghetti strap dress, wind blowing through my toes.

Frye Corina Campus Wedge ($178) from Piperlime.

Create a scenario for yourself in these shoes ....

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