Getting a Facial: How Often and When?

Flickr photo by ToOB
As the seasons change, I find myself wanting to do some spring cleaning on more than my closets. It feels like a refreshing time to go under the steam and scrub those pores clean, so I wondered, is this a good time to get a facial?

I went straight to the source, my favorite Brooklyn oasis, D'mai urban spa, and spoke with owner Mark Abbonizio. Here's the skinny:


Abbonzio says getting a facial should be seasonal, somewhat. "The most important time to to get a facial is when you get into the harsh, colder months. You're coming from a hot apartment into the cold air outside and you need exfoliation and hydration."

Abbonzio recommends a facial every one to six weeks during the winter.

When you're not taking winter chill into consideration, Abbonzio recommends getting a good hydrating and cleansing facial every eight to twelve weeks depending on your skin type. For people more prone to break outs, it's better to head into the spa more frequently.

If you're not able to hit the spa that often Abbonzio says the average, non-eruptive person can get away with four times a year for a deep cleansing, as long as you're practicing good skin care at home year round.

Happy scrubbing!

When do you get a facial? Regularly, or as a special treat?

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