DIY Ruffly Headband That Doubles As a Belt

Florals and ruffles are big for spring ... and you know I'm a fan. The one thing I'm missing though is a ruffly belt for cinching flowy dresses -- one of my fave go-to looks. I found this DIY Ruffly Headband that can double as a belt and I'm melting over the cuteness of it. 

Let's make one!

Photo by Heart of Light


You'll need 1/8 of a yard in lightweight fabric like linen, silk, or thin cotton; scissors, ribbon (enough to go around your head or waist), and a needle and thread.

Start out by measuring your head or waist and add about 6 inches on. You can cut to your desired length after adding the ruffles. Next come the ruffles. Don't be intimidated; take it one step at a time. You create ruffles by adding squares of lightweight fabric on top of each other and folding in half. Sew the bottom of the half on to the ribbon with a few stitches and repeat.

Once you are finished, spread out the ruffles like you are unfolding them. If you are having trouble making the ruffles stay apart, use an iron on super low heat to make them stay. That's it! Trim the ends if necessary and wear as a headband, belt, or both. Love!

Click for step-by-step DIY Ruffly Headband instructions with photos. 

Or you going out to get the supplies like I am?

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