Swimsuits to Hide Post-Baby Belly

Photo from PolyvoreIt's coming. Totally inevitable. Can't avoid it. Dreaded swimsuit season.

I'm not in shape. I just had twins. And before baby, I always worried about my butt, but now it's butt, thighs, and of course, my jelly belly.


It's not helping that I'm nibbling on a cupcake right now. But my self control for sweets (mouth full of chocolate frosting and French vanilla cake) has never been good. My metabolism used to make up for that, but not so much anymore.

Thankfully, I'm so in love with '50s-style bathing suits ... and they're great to camouflage my belly all while accentuating my new breastfeeding boobs.

From top left, clockwise:

Are you buying a new bathing suit for summer?

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