High Heels Perfect for a Day of ... Fishing?

Photo by Michele Zipp
Shot in rural Connecticut while antique shopping.
I don't feel properly dressed without heels. The heels don't always have to be stilettos -- I'm talking semi-rugged boots with a three-inch heel or a comfy two-inch wedge. You know, sensible heels. Walking heels. Functional heels.

Most of the shoes in Shoe Porn do not qualify. But those other kinds of heels are for biking, walking, and fishing.

Not that I fish, but Lady Gaga does and when she hooks a trout she wears heels.


Alright alright -- talk to me in a few years when my twin babies are old enough to run around a playground and I have to chase after them. Perhaps my views will change along with the happiness of my feet. But ask my husband, I wear heels all the time.

Just the other day we saw a girl in heels biking past our house in Brooklyn and he pointed it out. "Look honey. She's wearing heels and biking just like you do!"

So I don't think it's weird that Lady Gaga wore heels fishing, but that would also depend on what kind of boat she was on. I say the bigger the boat, the bigger the heel!

Do you think there is a time and place for heels?

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