I Can't Wear Coral!

lucky magazine jessica szohr
Lucky magazine
Here we go again with the color coral. Just like last spring and summer, the orange hue of coral is everywhere. And I hate it.

I actually love the color. Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) looks gorgeous in it on the cover of the April issue of Lucky magazine.

It just looks horrible on me. Horrible! It picks up the ruddiness in my skin as if to highlight my blemishes.

I can't even wear it as a nail polish.


And I even tried it once on my toes and I wanted to keep them hidden so no one could see what an unflattering color I choose to paint my nails.

It's the color that makes me feel really ugly. And it taunts me. From magazines. Store windows. Where I get my nails done.

Luckily I can get the Ralph Lauren dress Jessica is wearing in black. Unfortunately it's $398 and I can't afford it.

Can you wear coral? What color do you avoid?

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