How to Wear It: The Blazer

The GAP; $88
The blazer is hot again this Spring, but this year brings a lot more variety to the mid-season standby. Here are my favorite ways to rock the old school in a new way.


Go denim:

One of my favorite looks in blazers right now is the faded denim option from the GAP. I would pair this with a summer dress or a pair of cotton pants in a light color for a trendy but casual look I could wear anywhere. (There's also a less expensive dark denim version at Kmart for $29.)

Go girly:

This Peeking Lace blazer from Anthropologie manages to frill up a traditional men's item, without taking away the formality. I could see this paired with jeans, or light colored pants for a summery day at the office or ladies lunch (if you're so lucky to be one of those ladies who lunch). Looking for a more urban, less expensive lacy blazer? Try sister store Urban Outfitters where you can pick one up for $19.99.

Go for comfort:

This Puff Sleeve Jersey blazer from Top Shop offers something none of the other candidates do -- comfort. Usually a blazer is defined by the structure of the garment, but this one moves with you and let's you feel like you're wearing a hoodie, while you look dressed up. I would always pair this with jeans, because, come on -- I'm trying to be comfy here! (Less expensive version from Newport News for $39.)

Get the picks here:

Faded Denim Blazer ($88) The GAP

Peeking Lace Blazer ($118) Anthropologie

Puff Sleeve Jersey Blazer ($135 ) Top Shop

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