Shoe Porn: Patent Leather T-Strap Sandals

t-strap heels
Sofft Serafino; Lord & Taylor
On my subway ride home from work last week, I was sitting across a girl who was wearing t-strap heels and textured tights. I was really tempted to try to inconspicuously take a picture of her feet with my camera phone, but I felt creepy ... creepy like the guy that massaged my friend's feet on the subway once. Long story and no, she didn't know him.

This stylish woman -- the one with the t-straps -- made me want to copy her look. So I need these shoes to do just that.


I would wear these with a dark grey daytime dress and maybe even a pair of plaid tights or textured black tights -- I would be riding the subway with my sunglasses on ... trying to hide from the girl whose look I stole.

Or rather, in shoe porn, I would be oh so glamorously reading The New Yorker, my knees together, swaying from the subway's movement through the tunnel, feet perfectly in line next to each other, waiting for my stop at West 4th Street where I'd be meeting my friends for brunch. Mimosas on the menu.

Oh how I wish it were true!

Sofft Serafino T-Strap Patent Leather Sandals ($105) from Lord & Taylor.

Create a scenario for yourself in these shoes ....

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