Bigger Boobs Equal Bigger Bra Sales

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I  had no idea I was my breasts were underachievers. But according to a report in, ten years ago the average bra size was 36C. Today it's 36DD.  Whoa! I'm a solid 34B and the smallest in a family of naturally big-breasted women.

Forget penis envy...I can't help but have a touch of breast jealousy, especially since the growth of surgically enhanced ones  make even T-shirts look more sexy, not to mention bring all the boys to the yard.


Friends, however, with bigger breasts tell me to get over it -- the back pain, the ill-fitting clothing and worse, ill-fitting bras, they say, makes having big boobs overrated.

Not for the bra industry. According to WWD, bra sales are big business, especially in the bigger sizes. Over 170 million full-figured bras have been sold between 2008 and 2009 -- and at much higher prices than their smaller counterparts.

“It was definitely a wakeup moment for women when Oprah did her Bra Fit Interventions,” Maureen Stabnau, senior vice president of merchandising at, told “Oprah is the champion of bra fitting and full-figure bras.” As a result, "full-figure bras have sold far faster and larger than average-size bras. Full-busted sales have grown by at least 10 percent over the past year, and 74 percent of my bra business is now with cup sizes larger than DD."  

But fellow Stir writer April didn't have the best experience with one of the Oprah approved bra fitters. Perhaps that's the cause of the increase in sales in the case of bigger breasted women -- they can't find a bra that fits properly, so they keep buying new ones. 

Share your full-breast bra story. Which brands do you swear by?

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