How to Spot a Fake, Sneaky Online Stores: Links I Love

designer purses
Flickr: Photo by trec lit
There are a ton of websites that sell shady "designer" handbags ... it's like the online version of New York's Chinatown. I admit, I have my fake Coach purses (sshh), but if I'm looking for the real deal, it's sometimes tough to tell online. That's why it's good to know how to spot a fake. -- The Frisky

You would think shopping online is less tempting to spend money. You can't feel that oh-so-soft scarf, and you can't see how great those sunglasses on sale look on you. But trust me, online stores are sneaky, and they have their ways of seducing you. -- Lemondrop

As glamorous as the fashion shows may be, no one actually wears those outfits that the super skinny models flaunt down the runway. However, you can take bits and pieces of inspiration from it and use it in your everyday wardrobe. -- Glamour

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