Tarina Tarantino Makeup -- Pretty in Pink & Sparkles

Photo from Sephora
I used to play with my mom's makeup when I was little. Her blue shadow was my favorite.

And Tarina Tarantino's new cosmetic line reminds me of those times ... in a good way.

She has a pretty in pink line with blush, lipstick, mascara, primer, and more but it's her costume-makeup inspired line that has me feeling 5 years old again.


Check out her gloss ring ($35), eye shadow ($19), and lip gloss in a tube ($19) in five playful hues.

Bibarucci: Gold ‘60s rock ‘n' roll vibe with Egyptian accents.

Candy Cameo: Bubblegum pink line with sweet style.

Electric Butterfly: Bright orange inspired by ‘60s pop art.

Tokyo Hardcore: Futuristic green with a Japanese Anime vibe.

Victorian Punk: Royal purple with a Gothic twist.

My craving -- it's a toss-up between the Bibarucci and Victorian Punk.

Would you wear this kitschy makeup?

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