Daily Desire: Panama Hat

panama hat
Classic Paper Woven Fedora ($10.80)
from Forever 21
I'm a hat person: Gangster fedoras, pageboys, berets ... I have them all. 

Except for one.

A Panama hat ... and I want one!


A Panama hat is a specific type of fedora made of straw. These neutral beauties go with just about any outfit (one of the many reasons why I love them), and they are a hot trend for this spring.

When I'm out running my errands on a Saturday morning, I'm very much a white t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. But I can throw this on over my bedhead hair and have instant style. Imagine that.

However, being made of straw makes them less durable, so don't make a Panama hat one of your investment pieces. You'll be lucky to make it through the summer without some of it unraveling, especially if the kids get a hold of it.

This $10 one from Forever 21 is perfect: Great price, classic design, love it!

Do you like Panama hats?

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