Daily Desire: Electric Blue Dress

blue dress

Photo from LuLu's

I'm one of those wear a short dress over jeans kind of girl. Tight jeans. I'll even do leggings. As the weather gets warmer, I switch to tights, then maybe -- only if the dress is long enough and the temperature is hot enough -- I'll wear it alone. Bare legs. Shudder.

The Melted Heart Dress ($37) in bright blue from Lulu's is a dress with legs -- I can wear it tons of ways, through the seasons. I just wish I had the legs to pull it off like this model does.

But mine will do.

And check out the back!


back of dressSo not do-able if you wear a bra, but I would wear a tank top underneath.


I like how it's draped and not clingy. And the color -- love it!

Pretty, don't you think?

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