The Runaways-Inspired Accessories

The Runaways

Photo from The Runaways

The Runaways movie coming out this Friday (limited theaters), which is about a rebellious all-girl rock band from the 1970s headlined by Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, is bound to be as much of a treat for the eyes as it will be for the ears.


Studded jewelry, aviators, platform boots, leather jackets...yes, please. Oh, how I wish I lived back in the 70s. I can see myself now...I'd totally go the hardass rocker Joan Jett route.

But alas, I was born in the mid-80s and had to endure the horror of 90s fashion. Thankfully, the movie is causing quite a buzz about the costume design and Runaway inspiration is popping up everywhere. If you're not ready to don a red jumpsuit (and I'm not sure if anyone other than Jett herself could pull it off), you can always punk up your outfit with Runaway-influenced accessories.

Sex kitten Cherie (played by Dakota Fanning) is often seen rocking a square scarf and glam rocker gal Joan (played by Kristen Stewart) loves the studs.

And, obviously, you've gotta throw in the aviator glasses for any true 70s look.


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