Damaged Winter Lips? Here's an Eco-lution


Photo from Eco-Lips

My name is April and I'm a lip balm addict. Even in the most tropical of conditions, I need something to smooth over my lips at the slightest hint of dehydration. But not just any old stick of petroleum. I have very strict requirements like no scent, no flavor, and none of that sting-y medicinal stuff I used to love in high school. (What happened to Carmex, anyway?) So mostly I carry around a three-pack of plain old ChapStick in the black wrapper. Until one freezing January day when I found myself out of the stick, and standing outside a Whole Foods.


I went home with a tube of Eco-Lips Gold ($3.49) after scrutinizing the Burt's Bees and other all natural options I was sure would contain some aloe-like substance that left a bad taste in my mouth. I told you, I'm crazy picky about the lip balm. I expected to be wildly disappointed upon application, but it was actually a brand-changing day for me and my bouche.

Eco-Lips goes on smoother than ChapStick and seems to melt into the crevices of those beat up winter lips. I felt instant relief and was pleasantly surprised by the complete lack of smell. (Although Eco-Lips offers tinted, flavored and that yucky medicinal option as well.)

Since I've already confessed to my love of ChapStick, you can see that the ingredients or eco-friendliness of lip balm had never crossed my mind. Still, it's a huge added bonus that Eco-Lips is organic. I've changed the way I eat, so my skin care and make-up should logically follow suit.

Even though the winter wind beat my lips into submission, I'll be stocking up on Eco-Lips in every season. However, given the price, I've been supplementing my ChapStick stash with one tube of Eco-Lips. It's a special treat at the beginning of the day rather than the workhorse of the CS.

What do you use to keep your lips in shape?


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