Fashion Faves: Mad for Alice

purple Alice in Wonderland dress

Photo from Etsy

Alice in Wonderland mania is sweeping the fashion nation! I just plugged 'Alice' into my search engine and was overwhelmed by merch from the standard, to the curiouser and curiouser.  I do adore Alice as fashion icon (perhaps something to do with my goth phase), so it was a wee bit difficult to only choose three favorite looks. However, it was easy to identify the top pick; this Alice-inspired dress from Etsy seller Nowonder that's on sale now for $59.


I'm absolutely loving the flattering cut - crucial to my Spring-time self-esteem - and the comfy Lycra/Viscose combo will totally allow me to get down with a tea party if my daughter requests my attendance. One of my favorite things about Etsy is you know no one else is going to show up to the same function with your outfit. (In case you happen to be attending the same garden party as I am: You should get the purple because I'm snagging the blue.)

My other two must-haves are also priced right. This screen printed tee from Etsy seller, theboldbanana is $12 and won't make you look too overly-Alice'd while still showing the Wonderland love. And this flyaway French terry hoodie from Kohl's (designed by Avril Lavigne) is on sale for $24. They both celebrate the lady without overdoing the tie-in and can be worn long after Alice in Wonderland is released on DVD.

Has a movie ever inspired your style?

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