Mom On the Street: Your Face Here!

mom with twins

Photo by Michele Zipp

To get this column started, I selflessly volunteered myself as first Mom On the Street -- oh, and yes, I wanted to show off my skill of maneuvering my tandem stroller on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Lovely landscape, isn't it?

So here goes ...

Who are you? I'm Michele Zipp, mom of 3 month old twins, Hunter and Penelope, and a blogger at The Stir.


What are you wearing? Cheap sunglasses, a really old coat from Express that used to be floor length but I had it shortened, fancy long cashmere gloves my hubs gave me for Christmas two years ago, jeans a la Forever 21, and Frye boots that desperately need sole repair. And my sister-in-law gave me this beret.

What's your favorite color? Black and camel. I realize camel isn't a color as far as Crayola is concerned, but you know what I mean.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Etsy Vintage -- online.

What was the last beauty or style item you bought? A silky lavender tunic from a cute shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I spent $42 on it and felt really guilty after I bought it -- trying to save money. But it's so cute!

Do you have a style icon? My mom. Stevie Nicks. Mary Tyler Moore.

If a magic fairy was able to give you thousands of dollars for a shopping spree to any store, where would you shop? Sephora -- it's easy to spend too much money on skin care and makeup, so I'd buy up some really good products.


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