Shoe Porn: Vegan Heels

vegan heels

Photo from olsenHaus


Faux suede heels, made of 100 percent animal free and cruelty free materials. Metallic details. A 3 1/2 inch heel.

Good for the environment, looks good on you.

I love the crescent open space on the heel, which is part wedge, perfect for walking. If you can walk long distances in heels, of course.

But this is shoe porn, so of course you can.


I'd wear these with jeans...or a knee skimming dress with ankle socks.

I imagine myself saving the planet in these shoes, one step at a time, with my reusable tote shopping a outdoor market, buying organic fruits from nearby farms.

Grand ($230) from olsenHaus, pure vegan.


Create a scenario for yourself in these shoes....

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