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    At first glance, babies might not seem that smart. Not that it's their fault! They're just young, their minds like Silly Putty -- mushy and malleable to whatever adults want to impress on them. Heck, French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau called babies "perfect idiots." Yet a growing body of science argues otherwise, claiming that babies know a whole lot more than we think they do, from physics to statistics. Check out some of their unbelievably brainy abilities in the slide show below.

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    Hey Girl, it's official: Ryan Gosling is over us. He has eyes for only one girl now -- and it's not Eva Mendes. The sexy star became a dad when girlfriend Eva Mendes gave birth to a daughter on Friday, September 12. We can just imagine how starry-eyed Gosling will be over his new baby girl.

    While we know that this is probably goodbye to "Hey Girl" forever, we think it's just the beginning of something even better ... "Hey Baby Girl." Because the only thing sexier than a hot guy is a hot dad.

    Here are all the things Baby Daddy Ryan Gosling will be saying to the new girl in his life. He's going to be such a great dad. And hell yeah, he's hot. Check out photo #5 -- and we love #10!

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    Babies and bottles go together like Bert and Ernie ... which is why when the time comes to wean baby off the bottle, kids can act as though you've ripped out their heart and served it for dinner. But it doesn't have to be that way; if you start weaning at the right time and throw in a few tricks and incentives, transitioning a baby from bottle to cup can be surprisingly smooth sailing.

    With a little advice from the experts, your baby may be kicking the bottle before you know it. 

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    It's official, ladies. Ryan Gosling is a dad. Several sources confirm that Eva Mendes gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter, on Friday, September 12. Congratulations to the couple and even more kudos for keeping the arrival secret for the past couple days.

    Then again, the couple has always managed to keep their private life, well, private. Eva and Ryan have been majorly secretive about not only their relationship, but also the pregnancy. So much so that the couple never even confirmed they were expecting. Eva has essentially remained in hiding for the past several months, but reports and rumors about their latest addition have been flying.

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    Babies aren't always born looking, er, exactly how we'd envisioned. Here's one example that's thrown many moms for a loop: their newborn has breasts. Yes, it can happen -- to boys as well as girls.

    Stranger still, your baby's nipples may even emit milk. Don't freak out yet. Thankfully there's a perfectly logical explanation for all this that doesn't involve going out and buying your baby a teeny tiny bra.

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    Let's all rewind to last month when Pete Wentz welcomed his new baby boy and announced his name: Saint Lazslo Wentz. We've been scratching our heads ever since, trying to figure out why, oh why, did the Fall Out Boy rocker choose to go the holy route with his name choice. Lucky for us, Wentz has finally explained how he chose the baby name, and believe it or not, it's because Saint has already performed some miracles.

    Wentz was finishing up his tour during the end of girlfriend Meagan Camper's pregnancy. And their one big wish was that their son wait until the shows were over to arrive, according to Wentz, who recently appeared on On Air With Ryan Seacrest. So when the baby boy did hold off his debut, it was nothing short of a miracle:

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    Finally, the brainiacs at MIT are addressing a real problem that desperately needs attention! They're hosting a "Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon" for engineers, designers, parents, public health researchers, and lactation consultants this weekend. 


    I dreamed of torching my breast pump as a nod -- a fist-bump, if you will -- to my turkey baster nipples. They felt like they cooked for 12 hours in a 350-degree oven every single time I pumped. If the genius summit manages to improve even one aspect of the breast pump, I will give thanks. I may bow down ... or even stop calling them MIT geeks (yeah, I am so jealous I could never get in). Here, IQ champs, are seven udderly torturous breast pump problems you need to solve.

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    Despite every advantage -- a breastfeeding-friendly pediatrician and hospital, access to an extensive network of lactation consultants, a loving husband, and a genuine desire to breastfeed -- Suzanne Barston struggled. Her son had a tongue tie and wouldn't latch. He was also diagnosed with a severe milk allergy despite her vegan diet.

    Further complicating matters? Nerve damage in one of Suzanne's breasts made breastfeeding excruciatingly painful. And then there was her crippling postpartum depression (PPD) ... she had to deal with feelings of failure that she couldn't breastfeed through a haze of sadness.

    She felt alone, so she started to write. Suzanne launched her Fearless Formula Feeder blog with the mantra Standing Up for Formula Feeders Without Being a Boob About It. And that changed her life.

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    It is so bleeping hard to install car seats. Figuring out how to squeeze that hulking contraption into your car, then weave the seat belt through the proper holes, then loosen and tighten the straps ... it's enough to send any parent into a road rage even before they even stick their key in the ignition. That's why moms and dads will have a chuckle watching this video -- a public service announcement by the Toyota-sponsored safety campaign Buckle Up for Life, which portrays parent after parent struggling to install car seats, with hilarious results.

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    The first time you hear about nipple shields, your first thought may be "nipple what?" but don't knock it until you try it. The small silicone cups can be a godsend for many a breastfeeding mom.

    Made to fit over the nipple and areola with tiny holes for the milk to pass through, the nifty device "helps to keep the nipple extended so that the baby won't 'lose' it during a pause in sucking," says Brittany Welding at at

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