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    Restaurant critic Nancy Miller who writes for The Courier-Journal had a very delicious meal at Palermo Viejo, so I've learned. I'm not one to read random restaurant reviews from cities I don't live in or have immediate plans on visiting, but this review of the Louisville, Kentucky, Argentinian eatery caught my attention because Miller not only choose to review the meal, but the meal that another person was having at the table next to her. A baby's meal. A baby who was having breastmilk.

    Miller's review starts out raving about the delectable dishes such as fideos al estofado and cerdo con repollo and how she wants to eat eat eat at Palermo Viejo as much as possible. Then she takes up issue with a mother breastfeeding her child right there in the restaurant. 

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    There is a "new" convenient sleep training method that parents with too many sleepies in their eyes have somehow bought into. Dubbed the "Jassey Way" after the pediatricians who wrote the book on it, this method boasts that parents can get started on this before baby's one month birthday. The idea: don't feed baby during the night and eventually they will learn that they are not getting fed and so they will sleep and parents can sleep.

    I love to sleep. I would go to sleep right now if I could. But when you have a newborn, sleep (as you once knew it) just isn't part of the routine. And that's because babies need food every two or three hours in those early months to grow. All this nonsense about ways to help newborns sleep through the night really should be about parents who will try anything to be able to sleep through the night themselves without their pesky baby waking up.

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    When you have a sick child, there isn't one decision you make that's an easy one. You doubt yourself at every turn and pray your next move will be the one that takes your child's pain away for good.

    We can only imagine how UK mom Elouise Davis felt when she found out her 10-month-old son, Jacob, was the perfect bone marrow match for his 2-year-old sister, Seren-Rose. The little girl suffered from a rare disease called mucopolysaccaridosis, or MPS, which causes developmental delays and can lead to death. Elouise was faced with a harrowing choice: risk her baby's health in order to save her older child, or hope for the best and take a chance by not taking chances.

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    Having kids means you have this whole new set of responsibilities and an immeasurable amount of love for these little beings you brought into this world. It's heavy. It's incredible. It's also -- at times -- a thankless endeavor. And I don't mean that your kids will turn into brats and not be grateful for all you do. I mean society, the world, all the other people in your day to day that you deal with can be unkind and discriminatory.

    Which is why, perhaps, we need some sort of bill of rights -- the things that every mom needs and deserves. Hint: It's not the coolest diaper bag, nor is it the secret to soothing your child when she cries.

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    Celeb mom Kristin Cavallari has finally admitted she doesn't have it all together. Yay for that! After taking some heat for her holier-than-thou anti-vaccination rants, she recently shared a relatable realization: Kristin's downsizing her family dreams now that she's a mom.

    Two little boys are apparently kicking Kristin's butt. Two-year-old Camden Jack and 3-month-old Jaxon Wyatt are quite the tag team. 

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    10 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

    posted by Judy Dutton August 14 at 4:00 PM in Baby
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    Babies cry for all kinds of reasons, from hunger pangs to soggy diapers. But sometimes babies just cry and you can't figure out why, or how to make them stop, and you're so tired and frustrated you want to rip the hair out of your head. While crying can of course be a sign of a real problem that needs to be addressed, sometimes babies just cry because they're cranky and need something to snap them out of their foul mood. So we asked moms what helped them soothe a crying baby and got some really surprising solutions, from vacuum cleaners to plastic bags (?!). Don't knock them until you try them! You may be surprised what works on your own infant.

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    Any mom who has ever breastfed is probably quite familiar with the little contraption known as the breast pump. It's pretty safe to say that using one for the first time is quite the experience.

    Sure, the concept itself sounds easy enough, but a lot of women wind up a little blown away by the difficulty factor and learning curve involved in mastering the darn thing.

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    The TODAY show family has officially grown by one! Savannah Guthrie gave birth early in the morning yesterday and, along with husband Mike Feldman, is now the parent to a little baby girl named Vale Guthrie Feldman!

    The proud mama even shared a pic of her new "alarm clock," and it looks like she'll be more than happy to get that 3 a.m. wake-up call now.

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    So, according to a new study, pacifiers may ruin the emotional bond between babies and their caregivers. Is there no end to the psychobabble designed to give me mommy guilt? Pass me a bar of chocolate, please. Stat.

    Here’s the gist: a team of psychologists recruited 29 women and monitored their facial reactions with electrodes as they viewed photographs of babies with pacifiers, with white squares covering their mouths, or with nothing on their faces. Babies displayed one of three emotions -- happiness, sadness, or anger -- or a neutral expression, and the women rated the intensity. 

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    Breaking news: Megan Fox poops. I may have just gotten some men a little annoyed. (My apologies.) Okay, poop comes out of her perfect little behind ... but, really, guys, that’s not what’s upsetting. When Megan disclosed on Chelsea Lately last night that she poops in front of her son Bodhi, some moms got upset.

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress made her dirty confession to host Chelsea Handler:

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