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    When babies are born in hospitals across the country, it's standard operating procedure for doctors to give them a shot of vitamin K to protect them from bleeding issues. But more and more moms are saying no to the vitamin K injection and it's opened up an alarming problem in hospitals: dangerous -- even fatal -- hemorrhages in infants.

    Doctors at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, noticed a spike in hemorrhages last year with five babies in just eight months suffering from what's known as Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB). Doctors determined the cause of bleeding and noticed all the babies had something in common: their parents declined the vitamin K shot at birth.

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    When babies want their bottle, they want it NOW -- not in ten minutes. Which is why it can be agonizing for parents to have to grab their baby in one hand and a pot in the other, turn on the stove, and warm the milk or formula. For millennia, moms have been told this is a necessary step before a baby will accept your offering. Yet many experts now say that warming the bottle is optional and by no means necessary. 

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    Deliver a baby and, suddenly, it's all about poop. We talk about it, analyze it ... even smell it during our few hours of sleep. We count our baby's bowel movements, note the consistency, and worry about constipation.

    Moms especially spend a great deal of time stressing about that last one. According to Dr. Melissa King, pediatrician, director of urgent care, and Dr. Mom Squad blogger at Dayton Children's Hospital, it's for good reason. "Constipation can become chronic if it is not addressed," she warns.

    So, what can mom do to help a constipated baby poop

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    Is there anything worse than your baby biting on your nipple during a breastfeeding session? Talk about pain! When babies start biting, some moms get frustrated and stop nursing. Others just grin and bear it. But there's no reason to do either.

    You can figure out why your baby is biting and implement some tips to overcome it (saving your poor nipple in the process).

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    Sometimes when I hear celebrity interviews, I have to stifle a yawn. Or focus on something right in front of me to stop an exaggerated eye-roll. "Married life is a fairy tale, we have kama sutra sex five times a day, and I lost all of my pregnancy weight the day after I gave birth." Blah, blah, blah.

    That's what I expected to hear when newlywed Jessica Simpson chatted up Ryan Seacrest recently. She looks amazing. Her kids are adorable. And her husband is clearly crazy in love with her. But she really surprised me ... and not in a "chicken of the sea" kind of way. (Remember that infamous comment?)

    Jessica Simpson said something that proves she is truly, wholeheartedly, unabashedly ... a mom.

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    There was a time, long long ago, when you could have sworn you were a competent, capable individual. Then you get pregnant, and boom: You miss deadlines, misplace your keys, or blank on the name of a coworker you've known for years ... and once you give birth, the rest of what you think is ironclad in your mind slips away, too. Friends and enemies start whispering that you suffer from "baby brain," also known as "pregnancy brain" or "momnesia" -- all jokey ways to explain a worrisome new development: pregnancy- or motherhood-induced memory loss.

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    The Bravo series Extreme Guide to Parenting has introduced us to some fascinating folks who parent in all different kinds of ways. Some people may think I'm one of those "extreme" types of parents, so when I heard about the family who practices attachment parenting like I do, I was very intrigued to see how they come across and in particular, how they are received.

    Meet the Axness family -- mama Christian, daddy Nate, and baby Ella. They practice "conscious attachment" which they feel strengthens the emotional and physical bond between parent and child, so they never let the kid out of their sight. Ever.

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    One of the things a breastfeeding mom worries about most is whether her baby is getting enough to eat. After all, you can’t really see the “bottle” draining. And if that’s not enough to stress about, some moms wonder whether their baby is getting the right kind of breast milk. There's lots of talk in breastfeeding circles about foremilk (watery, low-fat milk baby first gets when nursing) and hindmilk (the high-fat cream that follows). But is this something you really need to concern yourself with when nursing your baby?

    The short answer is no.

    "Breast milk is breast milk -- it all serves a great purpose," says Leigh Anne O'Connor, a lactation consultant in New York City. "Foremilk and hindmilk are the same thing; it's the fat content of the milk that is removed that varies. Most women do not need to worry about it at all." 

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    14 of the Hardest Things Every Mom Does

    posted by Jodi Meltzer September 18 at 8:36 AM in Baby
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    How many times have you heard that being a mom is "the toughest job there is"? Most non-parents don't even know the half of it. In fact, SOME THINGS ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT THAT DOING THEM MAKES YOU WANT TO PULL YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR HEAD. OR TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The little things are often the hardest things a mom does.

    Here are 14 of the hardest things we do as mothers. (GAH! Just looking at #10 makes us want to take a "time-out" right now.)

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    As parents, and especially new ones, we tend to rely on pediatricians to tell us and help us properly care for our children. Between initial infant appointments and general growing checkups, they become our reliable confidantes, educated professionals, and the people we trust to prescribe our children the best and healthiest remedies. But what happens when you just can't stand your doctor and need to switch?

    Sometimes it's a matter of location, change of insurance, disagreeing about an issue (to vaccinate or not to vaccinate), not seeing eye-to-eye about how to care for a child, or just not connecting with the doctor. All of these are valid reasons. Simply, you just totally want to dump them.

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